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Our Commitment to CSR

Ethypharm is committed to making a difference in the lives of patients, to grow responsibly and to build a strong and sustainable business. More than a slogan, our Group motto "Beyond our medicines, lives" reflects our strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We believe environmental and social responsibility is critical to how we operate as a business and how we drive our company forward.

Beyond our medecines, lives

We recognise our wider responsibility to society and operate with complete transparency, listening to the views of both patients and healthcare professionals so that we can deliver on our commitments and responsibly improve the way that we undertake our business. To ensure that we undertake our commitments, our business operates within the Ethypharm Code of Conduct. We are also governed by the regulations of the UK pharmaceutical industry.

Our employees are at the heart of Ethypharm’s success and help cement its future. Promoting employees’ physical and mental health as well as their safety and wellbeing at work is an absolute priority for Ethypharm. In addition, being a multicultural Group, Ethypharm considers diversity as an opportunity for enriching professional development.

Ethypharm also works closely with external stakeholders in setting up programs that are in line both with their expectations and are consistent with the company’s objective of providing the best possible access to healthcare as well as preserving the environment.

Ethypharm has recently attained the Label LUCIE for corporate social responsibility. LUCIE is based on the international standard ISO 26000 which guides how companies can improve their social responsibility thereby contributing to a more sustainable environmental, social and economic future.

Ethypharm is committed to the Label LUCIE !

We grow responsibly

At Ethypharm UK our staff are committed to participating in many activities which provide help and support to our local communities where we are present.  We are proud that we have long-supported the empowerment of communities through education and training.