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Ethypharm R&D

An agile specialty pharmaceutical R&D Team

Ethypharm’s research and development (R&D) is focused on developing new products which will fulfil unmet medical needs within both critical care situations, and in the treatment of central nervous system diseases and conditions.

Our R&D model

We have expertise at all stages of pharmaceutical development from early pipeline evaluation and selection to launching products within international markets. Our experienced R&D teams, comprising of more than 80 professionals located in France, the United Kingdom, and China, are combining their efforts with external partners to ensure time-to-market efficiency and the success of projects.


Open innovation strategy

There are many great ideas generated by healthcare professionals who are in contact with patients on a daily basis. There may be innovations that we are not currently developing that could benefit patients. For this reason, we are open to exploring new possibilities and listening to ideas from outside of our organisation.

If you have an R&D project in the areas of critical care, or in the treatment of the central nervous system diseases or conditions, please share it with us to see how we could accelerate its development together.

Please email so that we can contact you.