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Ethypharm, a story of growth and resilience over more than 40 years

Ethypharm has built its strengths over four decades to become a leading European specialty pharma company focussing on patient needs in the central nervous system (CNS) and hospital injectable areas. Ethypharm UK is recognised as a key partner to the NHS, the private hospital sector and opioid substitution services with a vast range of quality products.

Ethypharm history

1977 – 2000

Established in 1977, Ethypharm quickly became one of the European leaders in drug delivery and oral modified release formulations (such as extended-release micro-granules, modified-release tablets, and improved bioavailability formulations). Thanks to its proprietary methods and know-how, Ethypharm has developed new formulations of medicines which have improved how active ingredients are taken. Ethypharm relied very much on commercial partners in those early years, starting in its home country, France. With the growth of its partner base, the availability of Ethypharm’s products rapidly expanded to other parts of Europe, North America and China.

2000 – 2015

At the turn of the millennium, laws were introduced in numerous countries that encouraged the use of generic drugs. This opened up a new growth opportunity for Ethypharm. Using our skills and expertise we focused on the development of generic drugs. Opportunities to manufacture generic drugs reduced after 2010 and so Ethypharm started to research further in the two therapeutic areas in which it already had a strong product portfolio: pain and addiction.

During this period Ethypharm’s product portfolio continued to be marketed exclusively by partners.

Since 2015

The year 2015 was a pivotal year for Ethypharm as it began moving away from using partners for the distribution of its morphine range and began selling direct in France and the UK.

In 2015, Ethypharm acquired DB Ashbourne Ltd, an established UK pharmaceutical business marketing a range of prescription medicines which generates significant savings for the National Health Service (NHS). DB Ashbourne became a UK subsidiary of the Ethypharm Group and started to market and supply products for pain directly. In 2015 Ethypharm also transferred the manufacture of its leading products suitable for the Chinese market to China.

By developing sales and marketing, its position as a specialty pharmaceutical company was further strengthened. A principal objective since 2015 has been to develop further the Group’s reach in Europe in order to have contact with a greater number of patients and healthcare providers. In 2016 Ethypharm’s affiliate was launched in Germany and in 2017 Ethypharm acquired Martindale Pharma in the UK. With a history dating back to 1787, Martindale Pharma are a leading specialty pharmaceutical company focussing on opioid dependency, critical care and sterile injectables.