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Ethypharm for Business

Ethypharm is interested in discussing all in-licensing and partnering opportunities which fit with its development objectives. We have a clear strategic mandate and our business development team and internal due diligence experts are ready to make these opportunities succeed.

A clear strategic focus

Our Corporate Development activities are fully focused on the reinforcement of our position along three axes:

  • Commercial presence in Europe : any type of business opportunity (assets, in-licensing or company acquisition) which will reinforce our position in our existing markets or allow us to expand our presence in Europe will be given consideration.
  • Central nervous system and hospital injectables : we are looking for already marketed or late-stage R&D branded prescription medicines to complement our existing portfolio of products in these two major areas.
  • Rare diseases in China : our longstanding affiliate, which has a deep knowledge of the local fast-changing market, and is a partner of choice for international companies wishing to register and commercialise their rare disease medicines in China.


An experienced and supported team to drive the business process

Ethypharm’s dedicated Corporate Development team is composed of professional individuals who have a proven track record in developing business partnerships.  Acting both as scouts and business process managers, each member of the team can rely on the full support of our internal experts to conduct an initial assessment and due diligence in a timely manner.

Our robust internal process also guarantees that our shareholders are fully aligned from the start and ready to support the financing of the deal if needed.

If you are looking to create value with an asset that fits our strategic focus, then email  Alternatively, send us a message via our contact page and we will get back to you shortly.

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