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Our Sales Team

We have a strong  presence in the UK to market  our products directly via main diverse business segments. Our sales teams include experienced skilled people specializing in their areas of expertise.

Our sales teams sell a wide range of products in many different disease areas and to many varied healthcare settings.

Addiction Team

A specialist’s team comfortable in working in mental health and intermediate care settings. The decision making unit is diffuse, collegiate in style with multiple perspectives to be tackled to sell our products to target organisations including: Service Providers (NHS/Third Sector (charities), Health and Wellbeing Boards and Prisons.

Target customers include psychiatrists, GPs, Nurses and ex-drug users, all of whom are involved in providing services and prescribing.

Critical Care Team

This is a team of experienced account managers with a comprehensive understanding of the NHS environment.  They work collaboratively with key NHS stakeholders and decision makers to maximise prescribing efficiencies through selling Ethypharm’s high quality, cost effective brands.

Commercial Team

A team skilled in commercial selling and negotiation in a competitive environment. They are responsible for selling our generic products, managing hospital contracts and selling our unlicensed medicines. Customers include NHS Commercial Medicines Unit, Hospital pharmacists, Wholesalers, Retail Pharmacy buying groups and Retail Pharmacy chains.  They are also responsible for ensuring that our products are listed and stocked in the retail and hospital sectors to meet demand.

Clinical Governance Group & Health Board Team

A team responsible for selling our range of brands designed to provide value added pharmaceutical products in primary care.  A team skilled in accessing the Clinical Commission Groups and Health Board payors and influencers to provide high quality medicines and cost savings to this important segment of the UK NHS.

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  • Which wholesalers is Abtard® available from? Fleche bas
  • AAH Phoenix
  • How do I store Abtard® tablets? Fleche bas
  • We do not have information on the stability of Abtard® tablets outside of the original packaging. Abtard® tablets must be stored below 25°C in the original packaging to protect from moisture.
  • What are the PIP and EAN Codes for Abtard®? Fleche bas
  • Product      PIP Code             EAN 5 mg           399-0504            5060078671668 10 mg          399-0512            5060078671675 15 mg          399-0520            5060078671682 20 mg          399-0538            5060078671699 30 mg          399-0546            5060078671705 40 mg          399-0553            5060078671712 60 mg          399-0561            5060078671729 80 mg          399-0579            5060078671736 For further details see the products section of this website.
  • How do I take Abtard® tablets? Fleche bas
  • Abtard® tablets must be taken as directed by your doctor or pharmacist. Abtard® tablets must be swallowed whole with a sufficient amount of liquid and not chewed.
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across our products